Are You Waiting for Perfection or Just Giving Yourself Excuses

Are you waiting for the conditions to be just right before you do that thing

That thing that you know will make a massive difference for you or your business or your relationships

Most people do but you need to know something……conditions are never perfect so just do it now

Don’t wait for things to be perfect because if you do, you will never start and if you never start then you will never get to wherever it is that you want to go.

Some people get stuck in learning mode…you know the one. We’ve all been there. If I just knew that one thing that would make a difference, when I learn this new thing I’ll start then….sound familiar. I recognise it too. This is one of the excuses that we use to stay where we are.

I’ll wait for a sunny day to start exercising.

I’ll wait until I talk to this new mentor/business man and I will start then.

What are you waiting for to start your business today?

Stop waiting and start doing.

You don’t need to know more about it, you’ll figure it out as you go and learn what you need on the way.


Are you building relationships with your list or are you leaving all that money just sit there

Your List Is Your Most Valuable Asset but Are You Using It

Every online marketer worth their anything will tell you to build a list…..

But they don’t tell you what to do with it once you have it

The whole point of building a list is so that you can build relationships with the people on it so that they will know, like and trust you(well some of them anyway)

I know so many people who are spending their hard earned money building a list of customers and potential customers and then the list just sits there and and you do nothing with it.

I don’t claim to be different on this on, I have done this too.

I got so caught up in building a list of people and increasing the size of that list that I forgot to talk to them.

You have a massive list of people who have all raised their hand to say that they are interested in what you have to offer and you let them sit there and they might not even know your name if they saw it.

The old way of marketing is fine if that is what you want but it doesn’t excite me any more and I think that any time you can give someone else a bit of yourself and show them what you are really like instead of being one of those people who tries to please everyone, then you get people’s attention because you care about them and you give them value.

How surprised are you when someone shows an interest in you and actually care about you….for most people the answer would be ‘very surprised’.

We are so used to being treated like cattle that we are surprised when someone actually takes the time to connect with us.

This is the same thing on the internet.

You can be that person that sticks out miles because you give people a look at the real you and let them decide for themselves whether they like you or not.

If they don’t like you that’s great because you can get down to having better conversations with those people who actually do like you.

You then get to work with people who you actually get on with…isn’t that a nice idea.

Start talking to your list today.  Get them to take some action just to let you know they are still alive and interested in what you have to offer. If you get no response from them….get them off your list and don’t waste any more time trying to talk to them.

Liam Kearney Blog about are you asking yourself the right question to get where you want to be in life?

What Questions Are You Asking Yourself by Liam Kearney

Have you been asking yourself the right questions to get where you want to go?

Yes… that means that you are living the life of your dreams right now..yeah?

I didn’t think so. Find out the number 1 question that you need to ask yourself to get there today

What is that thing that you want to do?

You know the one thing that you have wanted to do for years…..the one that you are afraid to tell people about because it is so big.

Do you have that picture in your head right now?

Good. Now you need to ask yourself the one big question that you have been putting off and is the one thing that can actually help you get that big dream.

How are you going to accomplish it?

Are you willing to look foolish in the beginning to get there?

Most people are not ready to do that. Everybody is fully capable of doing it but few people will have the willingness to do it.

That is fantastic news for you because if you are willing to ask the how question and to do the work then you can put the work in now and know that most people will give up over the next year. This means that if you are willing to do work for the next 12 months and keep going then it will get easier because the amount of people competing at the higher levels is very small and the payoffs are much bigger.

Do I have your attention yet?

That is exciting isn’t it.

Liam Kearney Blog about your friends and family being the best resources that you have

Are You Making Use of Your Resources

I had always looked at resources as things and not people….

Big mistake……..people, friends and family are the best resources that we have

Are you talking  to them and asking them to support you and help you to get where you want to go? If you are not….start asking today.

I had made a habit of looking at situations and deciding what was possible and what was not based on my past experience and my logic but this means that it was also based on the reactions I thought that I would get from other people in situations.

It also meant that I was deciding without having all the information and it meant that I was not asking the questions to find out what was actually possible and fin out what people actually thought and wanted.

I am making a habit of questioning as many things as possible now and asking for help when I am going through times that I need help.

I thought I had to become an automaton and do it all myself and forgot to treat myself like a person with feelings.

Looking at that statement now, I wonder where such a crazy idea came from but that was what happened.

Look around you and speak to those people who care about you and ask them for their support and tell about what you are trying to do. If try to explain it to them then you will have to understand it yourself.

LIam Kearney Blog: Can you help someone, then you are a leader

Are You Willing to Take a Chance on Yourself and Lead

Are you willing to take a chance on yourself?


Are you willing to help some people to get where you are?

Then you are a leader…….Why are you not leading then?

Most people don’t think they have anything of value to offer anyone else.

Are you one of them?

One of the things I have been doing over the last while is looking for people who will help me to get where I want to go and essentially that means that I was looking for a leader….someone that I can learn from.

But I had not put myself in that category. I had not realised that I can a be a leader and help other people to get where I am as I go along.

Do you think you have anything that you can teach somebody else? I know that you do but you don’t value it enough to do that.

If you put 20 people of different professions in a room, each one of those is a leader and an expert for all the rest of the people in the room. You are that expert.

Take the first step today and understand that whatever experience you have today is of value to a large section of people but you undervalue it and think everybody knows it.

The other side of this is that most people do not want to lead because they will not get over the slight discomfort at the beginning to actually turn themselves into a leader in their own eyes and as a result they will quit.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Are you throwing your money away on advertising?

Just Throw Your Money Away

Have you been marketing for a while now?

Have you been thinking, if I can just spend another 100, i’ll figure it out?

Have you been spending money and not knowing why it is not working or what you are getting in return for your cold hard cash?

Well, my guess is you are not tracking what is going on. You don’t know which of your pages is converting better than the others and you are not willing to spend the time to find out.

Am I wrong?

Do you know what the difference between you and the guy who is earning 10,000 per month is? He is paying alot of attention to where he spends his money and is tracking everything and my guess is that you are not.

It’s ok, don’t feel bad about it, we’ve all done it. The important thing to realise is that, tracking is not complicated and it is a skill that you can learn reasonable quickly.

There are various types of tracking software, free paid, simple or really elaborate. There is an idea out there that paid software is easier than paid but I believe that this is also down to the fact that people are lazy and if there is a way to do less work, most people will do that.

It is completely up to yourself but I would highly recommend you begin with free or low cost software depending on your preferences, the reason for this is that you will have to learn and understand it better than you will if you just by a package to use.

Figure it out and then it will help you to save money on your advertising for the rest of your life.

Stop being lazy and don’t spend another penny until you get your tracking in order.

Learn it, use it and reap the benefits.

Liam Kearney Blog about setting expectations based on where you want to go instead of based on where you are

What Are You Doing to Figure It Out

Last night I had a really good reminder about not having excuses and just focus on getting things done.

My dad had something about his website that he wanted to install on it and he rang me and the he said he would have another look at it himself.

A little while later I got a text saying it was all sorted.

This was an inspirational reminder to me to commit to figuring things out. If there is something I want to do then I start it today and keep going until I get there.

So many people use excuses and beliefs that they have about themselves so that they don’t have to step out of the comfort zone. I do it at times with certain things but as long as you are willing to commit to the goal then you will get there and figure it out as you go along.

This is one of the reasons that I love the internet marketing business, there are so many people from so many different backgrounds willing to learn it and get to where they want to go.


Liam Kearney Blog article talking about why you should build in a habit of enjoying downtime and avoiding burnout

What Have You Done to Appreciate Yourself Lately

Have you done anything to appreciate yourself lately?

For most people the answer will be no.

Pure time for yourself, not for someone else or because you felt you should. Actual guilt free time doing something you enjoy??? If you are still not sure…the answer is no.


I definitely did not grow up with the habit of doing something for myself and rewarding myself.

It takes a while to realise that you may not be your own best friend and that is a strange thing to figure out. Why would you not want to set yourself up as best you can to get the most out of your life?

Probably because nobody told you to and there are too many people telling you to not stand out or be different. Just keep your head down and do what everyone else is doing.

Sounds like a great recipe for making yourself unhappy doesn’t it. Maybe it’s time to build in some holidays and some down time and actually spend time doing things that you enjoy,

If you don’t then you will hit burn out at some stage and it won’t be pretty.

Start to take time for yourself today, start small and try to have at least one day off a week.

Liam Kearney Blogpost on are you waking up happy

Are You Waking Up Happy

I used to wake up in the morning wondering how my day will go.

This is a pretty scary way to live because you don’t know what you will get on a day to day basis.

I don’t work that way any more. Now I plan it in advance and I wake up feeling happy

What if you could wake up happy every morning?

Is personal development a scam

Is Personal Development a Scam Blog by Liam Kearney

I always thought personal development was a scam because it’s not concrete…

You can’t define it or know what you will get out of it until you try it…

So i took the plunge and I haven’t looked back since.

You don’t know what you are missing if you don’t try it

If you are not getting the results out of life now that you want to be getting, then I’m going to break it to you now… can’t keep doing the same things and expect the results to change.

You have to do something different to get different results.

If you want to stay comfortable and are not willing to actually be responsible for where you are now, then you should get used to the way things are and give up any dreams that you have.

Sound like a good idea?…………..No way. Start looking at the patterns that are happening in your life today and see if you are happy with those patterns. If you are not and it makes you uncomfortable……good. It should.

Worried that you don’t know how to fix it….good. Sometimes we don’t have all the answers and have to try new things…..that is where we really learn.

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