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The real Internet marketing cycle by liam kearney

Internet Marketing Cycle – Does Your Journey Look Like This

For most people who come in to internet marketing or home business opportunities the driving force always tends to be money or lack of money which is why we get all the hype with the marketing

Most people who get started have an idea that the journey will go along the lines of this: get started, don’t learn new skills, put little effort in and earn lots of money very quickly.

The reality is very different for most people. They come in and don’t put the effort in and get very frustrated very quickly and quit or just can’t decide on which opportunity is for them.



There are some people who actually stick it out and choose that they will make it and get ‘internet marketing’ to work for them.

These are the people that understand that if they do the work then they will get the results. They stop looking for the results right now and just get stuck in and do the work and leave the results take care of themselves.

It is the same habits that people who are top earners in any industry have. They concentrate on doing the working and learning the skills and they do this one skill at a time. They are patient and know that the hard work will pay off.

I understand this now but really did not have a clue when I started out.

The idea that I would have to work on and learn about myself in the process of starting and growing a business was way out of my thought process.

I see now that if I am not willing/able to grow as a person then my business will never grow.

When I figured that out, I started going to event, seminars, courses and getting mentors and am making huge strides now.

I know now that I will be successful and that it does not happen overnight.

Those ‘overnight successes that we see on tv and hear on the radio have got 5-10 years of hard work at least behind them before the became successful overnight.

Are you willing to put that work in for success and a life that you want on your terms?

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Ultra Marathon

Liam KearneyWhat do an Ultra Marathon and Setting up an Online Business have in common?

  • Most people will never attempt to do either
  • Most people who do try will not succeed
  • Both are so far out of most people’s comfort zones that they will think you are insane if you do either
  • I am doing both

Start of 2013

I wanted to share a story with you all. I started out at the beginning of 2013 very unfulfilled and looking for something.I had a business that I had wanted to set up for years(driving school) but I wasn’t excited.

I had started out to figure out how to market this business online which started me on a journey that I could never have imagined. I wanted to market my company online and then I just wanted to make some money online and all along this journey I was trying to figure out my WHY. Why do I want this?

I always had goals but they never really meant that much to me. Like a lot of people I wanted the big house and the fast car and lots of money but didn’t really know why.

Obviously I wanted them because that meant success but…..did it really?

I never had any emotional attachment to a goal, like how I would feel when I got it or what it would mean if I got it.

The Idea

So this year one of my friends that I do some training with said ‘Do you fancy doing a race?’ So of course I said ‘yeah sounds good, what race are we doing?’

‘An Ultra Marathon’ was the answer.

Now for those of you who don’t know what an Ultra Marathon is, an Ultra Marathon is any distance longer than a Marathon and in this case a marathon and a half.

40 miles/ 65 kilometres. So of course I said yeah let’s give it a go.

The numbers didn’t really mean anything to me at this point other than it was a long distance to run.

So I started running and if we are being honest, I wasn’t particularly enjoying it.

Let me put some context in here for you. Up until that point in time the farthest I had ever run was 10km/6miles.

As the time was going by I really wasn’t enjoying running any more than when I started. So I decided one day to see how far I could run.

I ran 11 miles that day and it was really tough going but something changed that day on my last mile or two back to my house. I realised that this was possible. It was actually possible for me to run 40 miles.

This taught me that you don’t have to believe something at the start, you just have to make a start and keep going.

So progress to date:

  • Farthest distance: 18 miles
  • Time taken: 3 hours
  • I haven’t eaten or drank anything when I have been out running so far(intelligent I know)
  • I have taken the last 2 weeks off with a chest infection

Liam KearneyUltra Marathon is next Sunday.

I can’t wait for it. It is completely unknown territory but that’s the whole point. It’s unrealistic and a bit crazy but I wouldn’t really be running 40 miles for logical reasons would I.

I’ll let you all know next week how I get on…..

Little Wins

Liam KearneyLittle Wins

I really wanted to share some little wins that I have had lately….and this pic cos I laugh every time I see it.

My Online Business Journey started in December and I have had my ups and downs since then. One of the hardest things for me has been to change my thinking from an employee mindset to an Entrepeneur mindset.

I think the idea of setting a business up online that you run hands off for the most part is completely alien to most people. I really liked the idea but wasn’t sure how to do it. I signed up with the Six Figure Mentors to learn how to market my existing business on the internet.

So I have recently started using Solo advertisements to advertise my primary offer which is the Six Figure Mentors. It is the best online education and business system that I have come across.

Liam Kearney

Number 4 on the Leader Board

In the last month since I have been using Solo advertisements I had little win number 1 which was getting on to the SFM leader board for the first time and went in at number 4 on 28th August.



Liam KearneyNumber 3 on the Leader Board

Then on Monday(5th Aug)  this week I moved up to number 3 on the leader board.



Liam KearneyNumber 2 on the Leader Board Today

Today(7th August) I have moved up another spot to number 2 which is awesome.



I have really come around to appreciating the little wins in life. The things that you mark off your to-do list for the day or the milestones on your journey to your goal.

I was always really hard on myself before which meant that I never appreciated or celebrated the little wins or the things I did well and always concentrated on that 1 thing that I didn’t do instead of the 99 things that I did do.

As part of my new way of looking at things I wanted to share with you all to enjoy your little wins and realise that life is a process….enjoy!

I just watched this great video by Jay Kubassek and the Six Figure Mentors.

I have been struggling with information overload today and really got great value from this video.

I hope this helps some of you building your digital lifestyle.