Working in the Dark

Working in the dark | How committed are you

How committed are you to your business?

I have a funny story from last night that I wanted to share with you. We are having some building work done at home at the moment and I had booked in a coaching call on skype for last night. I have been using the internet in the house in the mornings before the builders and in the evening after they are gone.

So I arrived up last night forgetting that the builders have turned off all the electrics in the house except for one socket. It was pretty dark out and as a result, it was pretty dark in the house too.

I had a few choices at this point:

  • Use it as an excuse and reschedule the call
  • Find a way to work around it

So I decided that I had made the appointment and needed to take the call. So I sat there in the kitchen by the glow of my monitor in the darkness. I had a great call and got it done.

One of the really big things that I have seen change in myself the last few months is my willingness to overcome obstacles. Some days I have no Idea how I will do it but I manage to get it done.

It was quite funny last night when I explained it to the coach that I was on the call with and I’m not sure if it is madness/dedication that allowed me to do work in the dark but the important thing is that I got what I needed done.

I wanted to to ask you….what have you overcome to get where you are today and are you giving yourself credit for it?

I have spent much of my life using excuses and not living up to responsibilities and am so happy now that I in a place where this is no longer acceptable. It does cause me to get uncomfortable and have those conversations that I really don’t want to have but I am so much stronger and a better person for it.

What are you working towards? What are you willing to do to get there? Are you still giving yourself excuses or are you doing what is necessary for you to achieve your goals?

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