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Pushing the Boundaries – Liam Kearney

Pushing the boundaries can be a scary thing from my experience.

Not scary as in terrifying but scary as in uncomfortable.

Knowing what I have to do and doing it are two different things but I am starting to see that it is tremendously satisfying every time that I do something that I know I need to do but don’t really want to do.

When I want to do something new something generally crops up to make me ask myself if I really want to do this.

Some of my more recent examples are around the Landmark Forum advanced course and signing up for an ultra marathon.

The Landmark Forum Advanced Course:

I did the landmark forum at the end of February this year and found it mind blowing in the good sense. I absolutely loved it and am thoroughly enjoying the seminar series for the last 9-10 weeks.

I had signed up to do the advanced course in Dublin in September and was really looking forward to it but lately I had been getting quite frustrated as I wanted to do it sooner than that. I knew that it was on in London in June and had been looking in to it to see if I could change to do it then.

There was no problem with transferring to the course next month but immediately I started coming up with all these excuses and reasons for why I should not do it.

  • It will be more expensive
  • I can’t really afford it
  • It’s a waste of money
  • I’d have to pay for flights
  • I’d have to get time off work
  • I’d be using holiday time for a course
  • I’d be putting out friends by asking to stay with them or it will cost more for accomodation

All of these things came up.

The other thing around my fitness was that I did not have a goal and had not signed up or committed to anything so therefore I was not very enthusiastic about training for anything.

So Saturday came around and I decided that I needed to commit to these things to actually make progress towards what I want to do but I was still uncomfortable around it.

So what happened?

Well I just signed up for them anyway. I am doing the Longford Ultra Marathon in August on the 24th and I am flying to London on the 19th June for the Landmark Advanced course.

When I push the boundaries, I do not enjoy it at the time but I do realise that it is necessary to get me where I want to go.

You get to choose whether you listen to those doubts or whether you just take action anyway.

I’m really looking forward to the Landmark advanced course and the ultra marathon.

It’s time to start some traianing.


Liam Kearney Blog about Fears

Is Fear Ruling Your Day

Has fear been running my life?

Oh yeah….you bet it has.

However it was only in this last year that I figured that out.

I’ve always thought that personal development was a bit too fluffy around the edges and lacked a bit of meat to hold on to but boy did I find out different in the last 12 months.

I didn’t understand that from the moment we come into this world, everyone who loves us and most authority figures that we come across spend most of their time telling us what not to do and how to keep ourselves safe.

That is a nice idea and obviously we don’t want anything to happen to the people that we care about but it also means that we are taught from an early age to only do things when we are told that it is the correct way.

We stumble into adulthood with apprehension and fear running our day to day. We lose most of the willing to try anything attitude that we have when we are small and it takes a bit of work to get it back.

I spent most of my working life trying to find the best way to do something so that I would get praise for it. This meant that I was not trying various different ways until I found the best way for me.

I’m 31 now and have figured out that I am going to gain so much more from failing forward than I ever will from trying to find the correct way.

It may not be the most pleasant or easiest way of doing things but i guarantee that you will have some fun and learn so much on the way.

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