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How Uncomfortable Are You Willing to Get

Are you starting a business or setting yourself a goal to do something new?

Are you going to treat it like a new years resolution or are you committed to it?

Most people say they want something but they give up really easily…Why is that?

Well the reason is really simple:
While we say that we want something….what we are really thinking is I’ll give this a go for a while and if it works then I’ll do it.

Does that sound insane to anyone else? I’m not pointing fingers at anyone here with that statement because I have done this too.

The idea that I’ll do a little work and see if it becomes massively successful and then i’ll do more work just seems completely backward now. We’ve all heard of overnight successes in the music industry or an actor who nobody knew yesterday is suddenly on every paper this morning.

Do you think that they really became an overnight success by luck…..that somebody spotted their talent and made them a  superstar overnight?

What we don’t see with the people who are at the top of their game is the 10 or 15 or even longer in some case of years of work to get to that point where when they have that breakthrough that they can enjoy it a bit more but that only comes after the years of work before.

Do you think any of these people who have put in 15 years of work in a specific industry or doing a specific job and are now earning millions….did it by luck? No chance.

They see the long term gains and that they will get there if they keep at it.

I personally think that the first few months are the crucial parts when starting out doing something new. The reason for this is that you become uncomfortable because you have never done it before and this isn’t where we want to stay.

When I started out online building my business, I remember being so frustrated on so many different occasions because things weren’t going as I had planned and it is difficult to keep doing the work with when setback after setback keep coming up.

I also realised that after a certain amount of time, it gets easier. What I mean by that is that I became more certain that this will work so it meant that everytime something did not go to plan that I looked at it differently.

That didn’t work….How else can I do it?

If you can get past that initial stumbling block of wanting to run because it is uncomfortable…your chances of success get bigger and bigger because the longer you stay with it…..the more the competition gives up so that when you do get to have your business running well…there are fewer people there so you can make more money.

Stick with it. Do the work and know that it will pay off. (That advice is for me too. )

Liam Kearney Blogpost on are you waking up happy

Are You Waking Up Happy

I used to wake up in the morning wondering how my day will go.

This is a pretty scary way to live because you don’t know what you will get on a day to day basis.

I don’t work that way any more. Now I plan it in advance and I wake up feeling happy

What if you could wake up happy every morning?

Is personal development a scam

Is Personal Development a Scam Blog by Liam Kearney

I always thought personal development was a scam because it’s not concrete…

You can’t define it or know what you will get out of it until you try it…

So i took the plunge and I haven’t looked back since.

You don’t know what you are missing if you don’t try it

If you are not getting the results out of life now that you want to be getting, then I’m going to break it to you now…..you can’t keep doing the same things and expect the results to change.

You have to do something different to get different results.

If you want to stay comfortable and are not willing to actually be responsible for where you are now, then you should get used to the way things are and give up any dreams that you have.

Sound like a good idea?…………..No way. Start looking at the patterns that are happening in your life today and see if you are happy with those patterns. If you are not and it makes you uncomfortable……good. It should.

Worried that you don’t know how to fix it….good. Sometimes we don’t have all the answers and have to try new things…..that is where we really learn.

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Liam Kearney Blog about the difference in outcomes between doing what you need and what you want

Liam Kearney Are You Doing What You Need to Do

Do you make it a habit of doing what you need to do?

Or do you just do what you want to do most of the time?

Most people will do what they want to do.

Just don’t expect us to believe that you are doing everything you can if you are only doing what you want to do….cos you are giving in to doing the easy thing.

Are you good at busy work or do you make a habit of doing what actually ‘needs’ to be done?

Just don’t expect things to change if you continue to do the things that you have done up until now because they won’t.

If you want different results than you have been getting then you are going to have to start doing things that are different than you have done before.

Make a habit of doing the things that need to be done and your life will change in ways that you could never have imagined.

You can apply this in any area of your life and make massive changes. I lost over two stone last year in a little over a month and have never put it back on. I made a habit of doing the things that needed to be done and have stuck to it since.

Before that I actually believed that I was doing everything that I could but I wasn’t. I was doing everything that I wanted to do but was not really committed and was not doing what I knew needed to be done.

What made the difference….commitment, awareness and making it a necessity and taking it one day at a time. Not really that difficult when you try it. Most people never will,

Create that habit today.

Liam Kearney Blog about how your work ethic will effect what you get from life

Do You Have a Bad Work Ethic

Some people spend so much time looking for the one thing that will make the difference….

The one silver bullet that will make you successful…

Do you want to know what it is…..A really high work ethic. That will change your life.

Ask anybody is who is doing really well for themselves in any career and they will have worked harder than anyone else. They will tell you that what you put in is what you get out.

This is the truth…for everyone who is out there and expect things to happen overnight for themselves…..they may happen overnight after you have spend time learning and trying new things and working hard at that goal over a period of time.

There is no such thing as an overnight success. When we have an overnight success, it only appears that way. We don’t see the 5 or 10 years that the music artist has spent gigging in small places, events and parties. All we hear is the hype around it.

We look at someone who is at the top of their game and wish that we are there now but most people will not want to put in the work to get there. Someone who is standing on stage in front of a packed out room of people who have payed to hear them speak, has probably spent years travelling the country speaking to people for free just so they can get better at it and hone their craft.

Are you willing to put in that sort of work for 5 years so that you can live the life of your dreams after that?

Liam Kearney Blog about the path of least resistance

The Easy Way or the Productive Way

Are you always looking for the easy way to do something?

Most people will look for more information to find the easiest way to get to where you are going but….

Most people spend so much time getting more information to find the easiest and best way of doing something and get stuck in info gathering mode

I don’t worry so much about finding the easiest rout or the path of least resistance anymore. The most important thing is actually starting and doing something and then you just figure out better ways of doing things as you go along.

If you wait for the easiest/ most travelled route, I would almost 100% say that it will not work for you. If everyone is doing it this way and most people are failing then you do not want the easiest route. You want to find someone who has done it before you who can help you get there or just figure it out as you go along.

The route to get there is not important to me now, getting there is the most important thing for me.

Liam Kearney Blog about the power of sharing your goals with people so that it helps to keep you accountable

What Scares Me for 2014

I’m always telling people to go after what scares them and put their ideas out there….

So here are some of the things that scare me and they are now my goals for 2014

I have no idea how I will achieve some of them but I am going to give it everything I can and figure it out to make it a reality.


For some people they will have dreams and hopes and they will never tell a soul about them for fear of what other people think.

That is exactly why I am creating these videos so that I share my goals with you to keep me accountable and also so that I won’t let anyone say that I said I would do something and did not do it.

It’s a little scary but then again if a dream or goal or idea is big enough then you won’t mind looking a little silly on the way to achieving them.

Liam Kearney Blog about Autoresponders

Are You Using an Autoresponder

Most people don’t even know what an auto responder is..are you one of them?

What the heck is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a way of communicating with customers and potential customers and large groups of people through email.


Learn about autoresponders because they can turn a list of potential customers into a group of loyal buying customers when used in the right way.

What if you could do away with cold calling? What if you did not have to interrupt people’s patterns and then try and sell them something?

What if you only spoke with people who wanted what you have to provide them with and they have their mind made up when they actually speak to you?

Do you think that could make you more money? Do you think that could give you more free time and less stress?

Would it be worth checking out and figuring out how to use so that it could give you more time to spend with those people who you really want to spend time with?

If you could write a message and send it out to a group of 1000 people with one click of a button and give them all value, would you want to use it?

I use it and it is fantastic and saved buckets of time. You should be using it too.

Check out more of my videos on my YouTube Channel.

Liam Kearney

Liam Kearney Day 7 of 30 Day Challenge

Liam Kearney | Day 7 of 30 day challenge to rank for Liam Kearney

How am I getting on 1 week into the challenge to rank number 1 on Google for ‘Liam Kearney’?

Well as of this morning I am on the 2nd result on page 2 of Google for my name Liam Kearney.

Liam Kearney 30 Day Challenge to rank number 1 on Google. Day 7

Liam Kearney 30 Day Challenge to rank number 1 on Google. Day 7

I’m giving you all an update and most of all I am giving myself a pat on the back for making progress.

One piece of advice that I would give you all is to learn to celebrate your little wins. This is one thing that I have not been good at up until this year. I am learning to get better at it as it is another way to boost my confidence and acknowledge the work that I have been doing.

Here is my Youtube video link: Liam Kearney

and here is today’s video.

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and here is my youtube channel.

Liam Kearney

Liam Kearney Day 4 of Challenge

Liam Kearney| Day 4 of Top Google ranking Challenge

Today I wanted to speak a little about Internet Marketing.

I wanted to find out how to market a business online when I first discovered Internet Marketing. So much of the advertising in the Internet Marketing niche is horrendous in my opinion. Check out my video by clicking Liam Kearney

It is full of ‘Make money online’ and ‘business opportunities’ which means that all of the marketing shows people with fast cars and lots of cheques. What a turnoff!

For most people who run a real business…they understand the power of advertising. They understand the need to find more customers and build better relationships with them.

I created this video telling you a few of my pet hates about internet marketing.

It would have been so nice to actually speak to someone online who wasn’t telling me to buy this and make money now.

There are some legit people out there who will teach you the skills that you need to promote your business online without all the BS.

If you need any help with this, feel free to contact me using the form on the bottom right of this page.

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